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Tune In Instructions

See that black bar just below that snazzy Final Frontier banner?
Click below it where it says "Tune In Here!" --
Select your Player icon, be it Webplayer, or Itunes, Winamp, Etc.
Then you should hear the stream.
Our apologies for any confusion -- we must do this to comply with licensing to keep bringing you our great music selections!

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20 minute countdown? Hell yes!

20 minute countdown? to WHAT?! Ohhh yes. Join me toinght at 7pm for another episode of The Madhouse!!!

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Thaaaats right kids! It's Wednesday and it brings back the Madhouse after a half of year of hiatus!

Tune in at 7pm tonight and join me! Afterwards hop on over to and check out DJ Skyler Hall!

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The Madhouse is coming back!

Whats that? You've been missing the Madhouse? EXPECT IT BACK SOON! Stay tuned in here for the latest updates on Madhouse returning!

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...Madhouse? Live? Tonight? HOLY SHIT!

GET IN HERE! Join me at 7pm! Or something....

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WEDNESDAY is here! Where the hell are you gonna be at 7pm?!

You'd better be tuned into the Madhouse tonight!  Got some new music coming in -- some old music coming in, and as always your requests!  Join us!

Be sure to join us in the chatroom, too!  See you there!

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Brand Spanking New Episode of The Madhouse!


Holy crapfuck!  A new episode of the Madhouse?  YES SIR!  7pm EST!  Be there, be square, or go fuck yourself!


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Return of the Madhouse!

As promised -- RETURN of the Madhouse after the holiday break!  Join us at 7pm EST for an all new episode!

Be there, be square, or go fuck yourself!

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Wednesday? Check! Madhouse? Check! When? 7pm!

Barring no huge catastrophic computer blowups, I'll be here to bring you the latest and greatest in the rock scene! Join me tonight at 7pm for an all new episode of the Madhouse!

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New Madhouse? SURE!! Why the hell not?!

Yup...that time again.  Time for the shitbrain that is the Madhouse! Join me tonight at 7pm!


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