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Tune In Instructions

See that black bar just below that snazzy Final Frontier banner?
Click below it where it says "Tune In Here!" --
Select your Player icon, be it Webplayer, or Itunes, Winamp, Etc.
Then you should hear the stream.
Our apologies for any confusion -- we must do this to comply with licensing to keep bringing you our great music selections!

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No 2 Minutes tthis evening, new comp is in! Will return next week!

No 2 Minutes again this comp has been procured, I still need to get things set back up. Will be back next week with a very special guest!!! Tune in then for a special episode as 2 Minutes to Midnight once again takes to internet airways!!! Exclusively on WFFR!!!

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No 2m2m this evening.....

Ok folks....broadcast box still not back.....hence that means no 2 Minutes to Midnight this evening. Hoping to be up and running by next monday evening!! I will keep everyone posted!!


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And then catastrophe struck.................

Ok, sorry folks.....NO 2m2m tonite. Nothing like getting home from vaca and having your broadcast box shit the bed. Par for the course I suppose. Hopefully back next week after repairs are made, or back up box set up.....sorry .

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Tonight at 9pm Eastern it's 2 Minutes to Midnight!!!

Tonight at 9pm Eastern it's 2 Minutes to Midnight!!! I'm back from the shore, and seriously wish I wasn't. Had to really restrain myself from staying, and saying the hell with everything! That being said, I'm taking my frustration out on the air with tuneage!! Be there, and induldge in the finest in hard rock and metal!! Exclusively on WFFR!!!

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No 2m2m this evening!!! Returning 07/07/14!

No 2 Minutes this evening.....It looks as though all things have worked themselves out on the work front. On the other hand I leave on weds for Ocean City, and with my very narrow window of time I need to prepare. That being said, I'm shooting for Monday July 7 to return! That may or may not happen depending on how long my ride home takes. That is the same day I head back from the shore, so we all know how that can go. If all goes smooth, I'll be on air that night. If not, it will be the following Monday.

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Sorry folks, no 2 Minutes tonight...

Sorry folks, no 2 Minutes this evening. I was very late at work, and after the day I had today, I just don't have it in me. Hopefully back next if all calms down. Now I'm off to contemplate my future and what my next move will be.



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Oh shit...

It's Wednesday again...

That means the crazies are at work again, and a new episode of the Madhouse at 7pm TONIGHT!

Be there, be square, or go fuck yourself.

Join us in chat on the new launch page!

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Tonight at 9pm Eastern it's 2 Minutes to Midnight-Then and Now!!!

Tonight at 9pm Eastern it's 2 Minutes to Midnight!!! Tonight is going to be a change up! The first ever 2 Minutes Then and Now! All the "old heads" back then and today! This is a 2 Minutes first! Tune and hear the likes of MotorHead, Maiden, Priest, Thin Lizzy and more......back then, and how they sound today. It's going to be a good one! Tune in and check it out only on 2 Minute to Midnight! Exclusively on WFFR!!!!!!

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New episode of the Madhouse -- TONIGHT @ 7PM EST!



Thanks George Carlin -- Yes it is, now get your ass over to the Madhouse TONIGHT at 7pm EST!

Join us in chat and get your requests in!


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